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The skin is a natural, breathable product that adapts to the temperature of the human body. The hides we use come from European cattle. In selecting this we prefer full grain leather, which guarantees the right degree of softness and breathability.


The structures of our products, the soul of our sofas, are made of solid wood frames (fir, beech or similar). To ensure uniform strength, our barrels are equipped with crossed elastic straps. To reinforce the load-bearing structure, reinforcement bars are added to the multilayer bars.


The feather, is that detail that highlights the softness and adaptability of our products to the human body. Depending on the insertion into seat cushions or seat cushions, we have chosen different feather mixes.


The seam is a very delicate phase: it depends largely on the final quality of the piece produced and the lining. Since we work on the smallest details, the checks carried out are always particularly meticulous.


In respect of our philosophy we only use MADE IN ITALY fabrics. Choosing the right fabric is fundamental to the success of a model. Most of our fabric models are removable. This allows the care and cleaning of the sofa with semplicity.


The padding of our sofas is made of high-density, non-deformable polyurethane foam. To give greater comfort, comfort and maintain a constant line over time, this is used in layers of different densities.


Our padded seats are supported by elastic straps. These are applied with a cross weave in order to guarantee resistance to stress over time. The polyurethane foam that composes our products is placed in a specific sector of the structure according to the function for which it is most suitable.


An important component in our products is metal: feet in chrome, bronze, black nickel; reinforcing bars in delicate and stressed positions of the structure; design bases; mechanisms that allow joints and movements to particular elements of the sofa.